“Data Rush” location

WAMS “Data Rush” is taking place at the Old Sugar Factory, Energieweg 10, Groningen, The Netherlands

The entrance to the Old Sugar Factory is located on the Energieweg, near the Groningen Ring (exit Centrum/Hoendiep). The Factory is accessible on foot and by bicycle from the bridge at Hoendiep street.


From the main Bus Station you will have to take the bus line 8 to the Atoomweg bus stop (3 minutes walk)


You will find free car parking along the Energieweg or at Kwantum’s parking space. Walk a few meters across the bridge at Hoendiep until you reach the entrance of the Sugar Factory.

The parking space for disabled people is accessible through the entrance on the Van Heemskerckstraat. To open the fence you’ll need to call: + 31 (0) 6-857 43 980.

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